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I am Kyonna F. Brown your personal pet care consultant. Being apart of the pet care community for over 22 years I have experienced many changes within grooming technology and nutrition regulations.
My mission is to educate you and your family on the proper care for your beloved pets.  Here you will find information and special offers to aid in optimum healthcare needs for your pets.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

3 Tips To Preparing Your Pet For The Summer
By Kyonna F. Brown, Proprietor

Pooch Styles Pet Grooming Salon

Summer is here!!! The temperatures are unusually hot, it’s time for cookouts, beach trips and family road trips, and let’s not forget the 4th of July. We know this is a great season for us but what about our pets. Here are 3 Tips to help get you through the summer. Remember that frequent grooming protects your pet year round, but its especially beneficial in the summer.

Tip #1: Most importantly keep pets vaccinated and on flea and tick prevention medications. We tend to take our pets more places in the summertime and there are numerous diseases that can be very harmful. Visiting the dog park can be harmful if your pet is not up to date with their shots. Those pesky fleas and ticks carry lime disease which can be detrimental to your pets health.

Tip #2: Pets are highly sensitive to heat. Although our pets have muscles that raise their hair to keep them cool it does not mean they can withstand dangerous heat levels in closed cars. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS IN THE CAR , it is against the law and can result in them suffocating to death. Lowering the windows a little nor opening the sunroof guarantees they will not become over heated. When walking your pet on hot days the pavement can burn the pads of their feet, let them walk on grass in the cooler hours of the mornings and evenings and cleanup their poop. When leaving them alone put ice cubes in their water to make sure their water supply lasts and stays cool longer.

Tip #3: Many pets cannot handle a lot of commotion or loud noises. Make sure your pet is comfortable during cookouts and large gatherings. After all you are bringing strangers into their home. For Fourth of July, make sure you use fireworks far away from your pet. Check your county ordinances to learn if you are allowed to have fireworks on personal property. Our pets have super sensitive hearing; this hearing enables them to notify you if someone is outside of your house. Just imagine how extra loud the fireworks will be to them. Most pets get very nervous and can freak out. Sometimes they may bite out of fear or agony. In either case this may be the time you think of boarding or using a homeopathic remedy. You want to give them as much comfort as you can so you both can have an amazing summer.

These 3 Tips will help to protect your pet from the hazards of summer. For more information on how to care for your pets, refer to my book “How to care for the Pet I love” which is available for purchase ($15.00 ea.) at Pooch Styles.