Pooch Styles Pet Grooming


Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming General Services

Bathing & Haircut services include: bath, ears cleaned & plucked, anal gland expression, and nail trim.

Short Coat Bath

Small to large, price depends on size, coat length and texture – $37-$107

Medium Coat Bath

Small to large, price depends on size, coat length and texture – $47 and up

Long Coat Bath

Small to large, price depends on size, coat length and texture – $57-$147

Hair Cuts (One Length All Over)
  • Toy-Small breed $69
  • Medium breed $74-$89
  • Large to Extra Large breed $90 – $160
  • Bichons $73
  • Cocker Spaniels $77
Specialized Hair Cuts

Hand Scissoring, Specialized Breed Cuts are additional to regular grooming prices – $10-$50

Cats & Cuts

Bath and Brush $67
Full Trim $87

Additional Services
    • De-Matting Charges$5 and up (matting is caused by unhealthy hair. The lack of maintenance and dryness causes hair to weave together forming locked hair.
    • Teeth brushing $10
    • Nail filing $12
    • Nail painting$20
    • Feather Extensions $3.50 Each
    • Creative Designs $1 a minute
    • Coloring $20 and up

(All coloring services require a consultation and conditioning treatment before application. Some clients may be denied based upon skin condition of the pet.)

    • Nose Butter $15-$25
    • Triple Oil $20


Spa Therapy

Healthy Skin Spa Therapy Description

Over the years technology has changed in healthcare. Why should your pet not receive the same changes to improve their lives. Having high standards for quality pet care at Pooch Styles, we aim to provide just that. Ever wonder why your pet may not like grooming? Or, why your pet is still itching after a cleaning. Here our Certified Pet Aesthetician Kyonna F. Brown has taken grooming to the next level. Groomers are the first defense for your pet. They totally examine your pets body 12 times a year during their grooming process. Groomers are usually the first to alert the pet parent that an issue may be arising. Learning how the skin works with superior products we help eliminate simple skin issues and also aid in maintaining healthy skin. Healthy skin protects the organs in the body by not allowing pest, bacteria, fungus, and other foreign particles to enter the body. Let’s keep our precious fur babies healthy in every way. We welcome you to our Family.

Healthy skin spa thereapy is not just fruity smells and a fancy name. It’s actually just what it says. Over the years we have researched several products to help serve our fury clients with skin maintenance and unhealthy skin issues. We dedicate ourselves to finding the best for you. The search is over. Iv San Bernard has formulated a great product and educational tools to help with various skin and coat maintenance, and skin conditions. Through workshops, and their Licenced Pet Astetichian program we are able to offer various treatments. WE ARE NOT LICENCED VETERINARIANS. No service we offer takes the place of veterinarian medicine. For serious skin conditions we ask that before treatment your pet you seek veterinarian care for blood work so that we may be able to treat your pet accordingly. The pet collage is of week 1-3. The single photo is week 5. We ask for a commitment of 6 weeks/2 skin cycles for all skin therapies. Call for your consultation today.

Note: All spa treatments are ADDITIONAL to your grooming service! Please call to schedule your consultation!

Caviar Supplemntal Spa

Packed with vitamen F omega-3 & omega-6 makes the hair very strong and compact

Small to large, price depends on size, coat length and texture$20-$35

Mineral Red Spa

Keratin, Nettle and SLS free soothing properties help eczema, hives, excessive grease and helps prevent hair-loss while leaving the coat soft and shiny (extremely mild)

Small to large, price depends on size, coat length and texture$15-$30

Healthy Skin Therapy

If scheduling a consultation with grooming $10 will be removed from the total cost. You must schedule both at the time of the initial call.

Basic Therapy$25-$75
(added to maintenance price)

Ozone Therapy$130
(add on for Basic Therapy or Maintenance Style Grooming)

Relives: Fungus, Bacteria, Allergies, Seborrhea, Leishmaniasis, Itching, Alopecia, Wounds
(therapy does not take the place of veterinary medicine)

Supplemental Drops

Add Supplements to any experience

Argan oil, Emu oil, Ozonized Olive oil, Ginkgo oil, Jojoba oil$4-$10

Appointments are suggested
All prices are subjected to change without notice. All given prices are quotes until the grooming process is complete.



General Policies

All appointments made require 24 hour notice for cancelation. All appointments missed due to late cancelation or no show, will have a fee of $25.00 added to their records. All fees must be paid in full before being serviced for future appointments. We understand that there may be emergencies that will prohibit you from keeping your appointment, and those cases may not result in a fee.


All pets are different. So, all finishing times are estimates. We give a general promise time of 3-4 hours. However because everyday is different we may be faced with challenges that result in longer wait times. As pet professionals it is our duty to make sure all pets in our facility are groomed safely and given the proper care. To insure this, there my be longer wait times. Please know that all pets in the facility over 4 hours will be walked to relive themselves and stretch their limbs. Pets are also given fresh water. No treats are given unless they are left by the owner or Pooch Styles has been authorized.


All Grooming or Daycare pets are expected to be picked up before the closing hour. Any pets left in the facility after hours will be charged a $40 after hours fee.


All complaints must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment to receive resolve. We will not be held responsible for any complaint there after. We ask that you make sure your pets grooming is to your liking before leaving the facility. It is our goal to make sure you are satisfied so please do not hesitate to ask for a correction to your groom. If you do not ask or tell us we will never know.


Holiday and Saturday’s are the shops busiest time. During these hours we have high amounts of pets in the facility and will need all pets to be picked up within 2 hours of receiving your finished pet call. We will call 30 minutes before your pet is done. You will have one hour to pick up your pet from the ready time. If your pet is not picked up within that time you will be charged $5.00 after the first 30 minutes and there after. In total we’ll give you 30 minutes notice, 1 hour will start at the time given for pick up, and a grace period of 30 minutes before being charged. That calculates to a total of 2 hours. We understand that there may be emergencies that will prohibit you from picking up on time and those cases may not result in fees.